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∅32 Series DN15-20 PN16

Ø32series pneumatic on-off valves are the most effective response to water, air, oil and unexplosive gasses interception.

The construction flexibility of this valve allows a standard on-off use that can be normally closed, normally open or double effect.

The steady materials and the specifically selected gaskets guarantee an efficent operation even under critical conditions of valve opening/closing in very reduced times.

This valve can reach and normally operate at temperatures up to 160°C. This valve has reduced overall dimensions and a wide range of connections in order to meet the sepecific requirements of every single plant.

The large number of applications of this valve makes it an universal model. This is ensured by remarkable costruction details such as:

  • The body of this valve from DN15 up to DN20 made of stainless 316 material.
  • Plug gasket made of carbon charged PTFE for an exellent ressistance to high temperature.
  • PTFE and viton stuffing box suitable for both high and low temperature, installed in a self adjusting stable position to have minimum stress for a constant operation.
  • This valve has flanged and socet alternatives in the connections.

A. Normally Closed Feeding

C. Inflow

D. Outflow


∅32 DN 15-20 MİNİ VALVES
1) Media Steam, Water, Air, Oil
2) Nominal Pressure PN16
3) Min. Working Temperature -10°C
4) Max. Working Temperature +160°C
5) Actuator Working Temperature -10°C+100°C
6) Pilot Entrance Air
7) Pilot Pressure 3 - 4 Bar


Entrance Orifice Size Piston Actuator Medium Pressure Pilot Pressure
DN15 32 6 3-4
DN20 32 4 3-4


∅32 DN 15-20 MINI VALVES
DN Rp/Ntp

Piston Actuator

Pilot Entrance kv m3/h3 kg
DN15 1/2 32 G 1/8 3,8 1
DN20 3/4 32 G 1/8 8,4 1,2
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